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Stock up for summer cookin'! GET READY FOR FOOTBALL SEASON!!!

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Mild Buffalo Wing sauce
This is the best Mild Buffalo Wing Sauce in the business. Most mild wing sauces are just a “buttered down” version of Red Hot or some lesser quality substitute for either. Ours is in a class by itself and was easily the most difficult one to make.

Medium Buffalo Wing Sauce
This Wy’s Wings sauce has an incredible blend of spices and seasonings but just enough heat to put it in the spicy category but not enough to put anyone over the edge. It will satisfy Buffalo Wing connoisseurs and novice wing eaters equally.

Sweet & Tangy Mild
We call these our “dessert wings” sauce. After you slide down an order of your favorite Buffalo Wings, chase it with a pleasing sweet wing with a citrus-y tang to it. Yes, we are joking, … sort of! They also make a fine meal in their own right. Wy’s Sweet & Tangy wing sauce can also be applied to just about anything. It’s an incredible dipping sauce, an outstanding condiment, a sauce for cooked pasta, and a killer wing sauce all in one. This sauce is very unique and one that doesn’t need much heat to be good. Kids love it as well. We like it best on wings, but then again, we eat wings for breakfast, … regularly! Yes, seriously. You won’t find a sauce in this genre which is tastier!

Wysdom Sweet Buffalo
This one is exactly what it says, it’s a Buffalo Wing Sauce with a hint of sweetness. It's where sweet meets heat and the result is a culinary match made in heaven. It burns the taste buds to a pleasing medium hot level. So if you’re looking for something different, start here.

Sweet & Tangy Hot
This one is identical to the Sweet & Tangy Mild except that there’s a medium-hot level heat to it.

Wy's Guy
Like it HOT!!! This sauce is guaranteed to have your taste buds doing a little dance but they’ll be "oh so happy" doing it! They’ll be beggin’ you to put another wing into your mouth every time. This heat-flavor combination is unmatched by other wing sauces. So if you like your wings very hot with incredible habanero flavor and taste, then this is the sauce for you.

Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce
This sauce defers to the old standby Jalapeno pepper and not the more dreaded Habanero pepper which is found in the X-Hot and “Wy’s Guy” sauces. Therefore it doesn’t have that sweetness that the Habanero has, but the Jalapeno has a nice flavor in its own right. If you like it hot you’ll like this one too. In fact, it hits you immediately and more so than the X-Hot or the Wy’s Guy, except that those two continue to get hotter while the Hot maintains the same heat level from the first bite throughout the entire wing eating experience. The endorphin rush will usually begin with the Hot.

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You will be able to choose which 6 sauces (mix-n-match) you want once you add this product to your shopping cart.  For the Festivus 5-Pack, select the "Rubber Chicken" for choice #6. 


After sampling wings made with our Asian Ambrosia Sauce, you’ll feel like you are on Mount Olympus! This sauce is Wy’s version of the growing in popularity Thai style sweet chili garlic sauce. It has a typical Thai chili pepper base, is highlighted with some sweetness, and was created to please the residents of Olympus. For an entirely new flavor experience, mix this one with our Teriyaki to your taste for yet another equally exceptional sauce. Also try mixing it with any of our Buffalo style sauces or for an even sweeter sauce combine it with either of our Sweet & Tangy sauces. It’s hard to go wrong with this one straight up or in combination.